GeoHeat for Horticulture Workshop

GeoHeat for Horticulture Workshop

Duration: 10:00am - 1:00pm
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Covered / indoor growers are invited to attend a GeoHeat for Horticulture Workshop, discussing geothermal heat energy (“GeoHeat”) as a potential renewable energy solution for NZ covered crops.  
Who should attend?  Covered crop, floriculture, vertical farming and algal farming operators and investors looking to switch from fossil fuel to renewable energy sources and / or establish new operations.  
Why should I attend?  To learn about the potential for GeoHeat as a future energy source for your growing operations, and how to access this.

The workshop will cover the drivers for growers to shift to decarbonised energy sources, an introduction to geoheat, including where this is currently available alongside developed geothermal assets and plans to explore wider availability throughout New Zealand.  The economics of geoheat will be discussed, and potential sources of project and capital funding to support growers making the switch will also be covered.  A full workshop agenda will be made available shortly.  The workshop is free to attend.
After the workshop, attendees are invited to stay at the venue for lunch. After lunch a bus will be heading out for approx. two hours to visit some relevant sites, these are 

  1. Gourmet Mokai Ltd. This is a joint venture between Gourmet Paprika Ltd, Tuaropaki Trust and the Hauhungaroa Trust and was established in 2002. 
  2. He Ahi Eco-Energy Park. 45 Ha industrial energy park that is a joint venture between Contact Energy and  e Pae o Waimihia, a forest hapū cluster trust representing six Ngāti Tūwharetoa hapū.  
  3. Huka Prawn Park - the only geothermally-heated prawn breeding park in the world and an insight into aquaponics opportunities. Huka Prawn park is an example of cascading geothermal energy use, meaning they utilise the discharge from the neighbouring electricity plant. 

Some other events held during NZ Geothermal Week may also be of interest, including a Geothermal Industry CO2 Workshop on Wednesday morning 25 July, followed by the Wednesday afternoon session of the NZGA Winter Seminar, which will cover policy and regulatory frameworks driving New Zealand’s energy transition and how renewable energy industries are working together to enable this.
For details and registrations, please visit the GeoHeat for Horticulture Workshop page on the NZ Geothermal Week 2023 website.  

For any enquires contact Ellery Peters ( Energy Engineer Project Manager, Vegetables New Zealand.

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Register on the GeoHeat for Horticulture Workshop page on the NZ Geothermal Week 2023 website.


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