The roles within the plant production industry require a wide range of collective skills at multiple levels, to ensure consistent growth and development across the industry. There are several career pathways that we have identified to provide guidance on the level of experience, education and skill level required. Having a depth of experience across your career in different roles and training will create a wide range of opportunities for you as an employee.

The Plant Production industry produce the plants growing the food that kiwis eat and export, regenerating Aotearoa’s forests, greening our urban landscapes, and being planted by millions of kiwis in their backyards.
Plants start in the nurseries and are then dispatched to the areas around Aotearoa New Zealand that require plants for retail, landscape, forestry, food production, fruit and wine production, and native revegetation.
On the map, follow the process from the bottom to the top to see where plants get dispersed, where plants are produced, and what goes on within this very diverse industry.




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