Bachelor of Horticultural Science

The Bachelor of Horticultural Science is focused on helping you become a horticulture graduate who can hit the ground running. It will give you the relevant, contemporary skills that industry seeks.

This qualification will give you an understanding of the breadth of horticulture. This includes everything from the genetics of plants to plant growth, the production of food, agribusiness, the influence of government policies and regulations, and the Treaty of Waitangi Te Tiriti o Waitangi obligations. You will learn how products are marketed and sold, and how to understand what consumers want in international markets.

Industry experience is integrated into this degree, with practical work courses allowing you to experience and analyse real-world scenarios while you are studying.

There are many opportunities to attend field trips, multi-day study tours around New Zealand and even international study tours to see world-leading horticultural operations and research.

Through your coursework there are also plenty of other practical applications and real-world experiences including guest lecturers from industry.

Bachelor of Horticultural Science
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Bachelor of Science (Plant Science)

Join the Bachelor of Science (Plant Science) at Massey - the only university in New Zealand where you can study and specialise in the full spectrum of plant science from molecular biology and evolution through to agriculture and horticulture.

The Bachelor of Science (Plant Science) will help you understand the crucial biological processes that underpin the very basis of life on Earth. Studying plant science will give you a solid understanding of the fundamental elements of the structure and function of plants, how plants grow and interact with their environment and how to apply this knowledge in both natural and managed ecosystems.

There is a steady demand for plant scientists in New Zealand and abroad. As a plant science graduate, you will have a wide range of career opportunities, including both pure research and applied work. Students often find employment at research institutes - four Crown Research Institutes employ plant scientists (Plant and Food Research, AgResearch, Forest Research (Scion), and Manaaki-Whenua Landcare Research) as do Government agencies and regional authorities. Some plant producers with laboratory facilities also have applied research positions available for a graduate in Plant Science.

Bachelor of Science (Plant Science) 
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Bachelor of Agribusiness (BAgribusiness)

A 360 credits (24 courses) programme over three years full time or can be done part time.  Available Manawatu campus and by distance. It includes compulsory industry work experience (26 weeks).  Majors available include Farm Management, International Agribusiness and Rural Valuation. Graduates may focus their degree through a major but complement their studies through a minor area of specialisation. BAgribusiness students are able to select horticultural courses throughout their degree.

Bachelor of Agribusiness graduates fill technical and management roles all along the agri-food value chain. They have foundation knowledge of business and land-based production systems and an understanding of local and international agribusiness. They are independent thinkers and effective communicators, with experience in practical problem-solving.

Bachelor of Agribusiness 
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Masters of Science in Horticultural Science & Plant Science (MSc Horticultural Science & Plant Science)

The MSc is one-and-a-half-year full time (180 credits) programme.  It can also be undertaken on a part time basis and some courses are available via distance.  Entry into a MSc normally requires a bachelor’s in a related area. The MSc comprises taught courses and research. The research component can be either a research report (60 credits) or thesis (90 or 120 credits) and the balance of credits is taught courses. 

Credits achieved through professional development short courses offered by Massey University and some outside organisations (eg Kellogg Rural Leadership Programme) can be utilized in a MSc. Postgraduate study builds on the knowledge, skills and attributes acquired from a bachelor’s degree and facilitates progression to doctoral study in an area of specialisation. Graduates have advanced knowledge and skills enabling them to advance their careers by, for example, taking on management roles.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Science and Technology can be used as a staircase into a MSc. For example, the 120 credits of taught courses completed in a Post Graduate Diploma can be used to obtain a master’s degree by adding a 60 credits research report.

Masters of Science in Horticultural Science & Plant Science
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Post Graduate Diploma in Science and Technology (Horticultural Science)

A postgraduate diploma in horticultural science is the steppingstone to a research-based qualification such as a master’s degree.

Massey University’s Postgraduate Diploma in Science and Technology (Horticultural Science) gives you the opportunity to join the pathway to in-depth research at a master's level. The programme consists of 90 credits of taught programmes and 30 credits of research.

The programme gives you the opportunity to show your analytical thinking and high-level research capability.

You will learn from, and research with, highly-skilled, internationally-recognised and active researchers in horticulture. They have a huge depth of knowledge and experience. Our current specific areas of horticulture research expertise includes:

  • fruit and vegetable innovation
  • high-value plant products and services
  • applied plant and horticultural science
  • seed science and technology.
Post Graduate Diploma in Science and Technology (Horticultural Science)
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